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On this page you will see some of the exiting finds we have found since we got our first metal detector..
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May 2013 - New detector find !

Once again we have rented out our metal detector, and this time it was to a couple who just recently had bought a new "old" house in the outskirts of Odense..

The couple who rented our Garrett machine had heard rumors about a buried "Secret" from the 2. World War..
In the house that they had now just bought once lived a policeman who during the 2WW, was cooperating with the Danish resistance movement, and possibly after the war ended buried "some things" in the garden..
The rumors said that among the items there would be ammunition and weapons from the war, and the rumors showed up to be true..

The Police was contacted and so was the bomb squad, to remove the dangerous items...found with our Garrett Ace 150 metal detector.

The couple who rented our detector was so very nice to also give us a "souvenir" when the came to hand back the detector..
They gave us a very nice police sign from the 1940´s and a key that the distance movement used to open the "phone-closet" in the streets when doing sabotage. Both of the things was found together when the exiting finds here on the right side of the page..

> All the things was found with our
Garrett Ace 150
WW2 Guns & Bullets
Police sign - Danish resistance movement
Frederik the 6 of Denmark coin
New find in the garden !

Mads has found a Frederik the 6´th coin in our own garden.. Frederiks the 6´th was king in Denmark during the years 1808-1839..
Think about it...Abraham Lincoln first took over as president in 1861 :-)

As you might have read some where else on our website, we live right in the midle of Denmark in a town called Odense. Odense is the 3. largest city in Denmark and it is perhaps mostly known as the birth city of the famous poet Hans Christian Andersen (HCA) and therefore we can also come up with a little story connected to our find..

H.C. Anderson was born in Odense in 1805, and with a little fantasy we could say that there is a slight possibility that he was the one dropping this coin on a walk on the fields back then..a least 150 years before our house was build.
We live under 2 km from his
birthplace so who knows..maybe it was actually him who lost this coin more than 200 years ago...maybe he was about to buy an ice-cream..or did such a thing even exist at that time ?

> Found with
Garrett AT Pro International
Mads with a ring
Kasper with the Ace 150
Kasper with bullet
Ring - 2012
This is one of the two rings we have found in our backyard.
We do not know who has lost the ring, but it must have lied in the soil for several years..
We found it right in the middle of the lawn in a depth of approximately 15 cm.
SO far we have not been by the jeweler yet, to have it priced :-)
Kasper with our Garrett Ace 150 in the garden.
This was our very first metal detector, and despite we have now invested in more advanced models, we are still using it because of the very easy and ease of use..
Due to the slightly smaller search coil, it is sometimes more flexible to use on places with a lot of metal garbage, like for example in our backyard or on the beach when we are coin-shooting..
This is also the machine that we use in our
rental business..
Musket bullet - 2012
We have found this musket bullet in our garden, 10-13 cm under the lawn..
Think about it..it is most likely fired at some point in the Middle Ages ! At that time there were not even houses in the area of the city that we live in..only fields.
We consider this to be our best find to date !

> Found with the Garrett Ace 150 metal detector
Danish 1962 Oere
Bullet shells
5 Oere
1964 2-øre - sat. 30. june 2012

Just as we thought that now had to be the time where we could not find any more coins in the garden, well then we find this very fine 2-øre from the year 1964 just a couple of yards form our porch.
Wondering now if this should be the last coin that we will find in our garden or...
Bullet Shell - 2012
Foud in the forrest close to our home.
Bullet shells are always exiting to discover and can make every detecting trip a success.
5-ører coins - 2012

Coins from 1954 and 1957 found under the soil in our backyard.
It is amazing how many coins we have found so far..it is just like if some one has thrown them all over the place..
Copper 5 Oere
Old knife
Different finds
5-øre coin - 2012
This coin is dated 1920 and we found it in the forrest close to the river..pretty cool hu´ :-)
1963 10 øre - 14. aug. 2012

Yes, we keep on finding things in our backyard and this time again we found a coin and some remains of a knife.
3 rings and coins - July 2012
We got our dad to start the car and then drove to the school yard, we we did these finds. A lot of coins and also some silver rings..very nice !
Bullet and coin
Old 5 Oere
Old fire department uniform button