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Is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of metal detectors. the company was founded in USA more than 40 years ago, more precisely in 1964.

Garrett has a huge fan base all around the world who loyaly uses they detectors which are week known for their high quality an liability on the fields..

Garrett are also making metal detectors for the security business, as you will se their product in airports in many countries. Even NASA is taking advantage in the knowledge of the company..

Garrett is a brand which is often chosen by more experienced detectorists, but also many newbies will ofte start the their new hobby with at Garrett detector..

Take a look on the links on this site and find more information about Garretts assortment in metal detectors. Maybe you will decide to buy a metal detector from Garrett the next time you are investing..

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Garretts AT Pro International
Is one of the top models from Garrett. This metal detectors is specially made for the european market, which means that the detectors is made for detecting european coins etc.

This metal detector has the numeric id function and is waterproof until approximately 3 m. depth.
Buy Garrett AT Pro if you want to start out with one of the best metal detectors on the market !
We use it our selves ;-)
History of Garrett Metal Detectors
Cheap Garrett quality Detector
Garrett Ace 150 Detector Shop
We have found a lot of things with our Garret Ace 150 - see our finds > have a look
Garrett Ace 150

This was our first ever metal detector and the Ace 150 is, in our opinion, the cheapest "real" quality detector on the market today..
Garrett is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of metal detectors and you can read more about the company and their product another place on our site..

Ace 150 is very easy to use, even for children. Is has the discrimination function which makes it quite good a distinguishing junk from gold and silver..

The search coil is waterproof so you can search the beach on shallow water and the shaft can be adjusted so that even kids down to the age of 6 will be able so use the detector.
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Garrett Ace 250

A very user-friendly quality metal detector. This detector has more discriminating levels and also the pinpoint function which is not to find on the cheaper Ace 150 model.
The pinpoint function allows you to point out the items in the soil more precisely and therefore you will not have to dig as big holes and you would normally have to with a detector without the pinpoint..
As on the Ac150 the search coil is waterproof so you can use the device on the beach without damaging it, and the shaft is also adjustable so both adults and kids will be able to use the detect without any problems.
Uses 4 AA-batteries which will last for hours of metal detecting..
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Garrett Ace 150 Detector Shop
* Approximate price on
Garrett EuroAce

This was our second metal detector, which we sold to get the AT Pro international. We really loved this detector, and we have kind of regretted that we did not keep it...

Same good function as on the Ace 250 but with a little better search coil, more settings and specially made for the european soil and types of metal used in coins..
A good handheld pinpointed is almost indispensable !

The Garrett Pro Pointer is probably the best pinpointed on the market >