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Metal detector for rent
We rent out our metal detector..

If someone has lost something that is now not to be found they can rent our metal detector at a very affordable price..
Maybe they have lost their ring or the just want to know if there is a treasure buried in their garden..

If you have not already invested in a metal detector it might be a good idea just to rent one to find out whether or not this hobby is really of your interest.

Our metal detector is able to detect lost things like coins, keys, jewelry of gold or silver or all kinds of other metals, like rings or necklaces etc.

Our metal detector goes to a depth of approximately 15-20 cm, and goes through rock, soil, water and snow. So if you have lost fore example your keys outside in the snow you will be able to find them again with a metal detector like ours..
Our Garrett detector
As we have recently invested in a new Garrett AT Pro International and also a Minelab X-Terra 305, we have decided to keep the Garrett Ace 150 for starting a rental business instead of selling it..
In that way we can make a little money while helping others into this fantastic hobby..
We are probably among the youngest business owners in Denmark today :-)

Rent a metal detector here:


Our metal detector is really easys to use so if you are not that familiar with metaldetecting then try to look after a Garrett Ace 150...
Success stories from our customers
So far we have rented out our metal detector a lot of times, and it is always very fun to hear if our "customers" have found what they have lost. We have rented out our metal detector for many different purposes, but the most common has been people who have lost their Wedding rings, which is quite often.. Lost keyes for cars or house have also been quite common..
Gold ring lost
A good story from..

The first time ever, we rented out our metal detector was in the middle of june 2012.
We were contacted by a guy from our home town, who had lost his wedding ring (of gold) during a celebration the weekend before..
Most likely the ring was lost, some where on the lawn of his friends house and was now impossible to find..
This guy had seen our homepage and decided to get in contact with us and then came to rent our metal detector.
After just a couple of hours they were back again..the ring was found..