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Minelab Metal Detectors
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The Australian company Minelab is most likely the no. one company for many serious detectorists. Minelabs range of metal detectors is of highest quality for the serious user.
Their prices are not among the cheapest, but if you want quality you certainly get quality if you choose a Minelab metal detector..
A newbie to the hobby might not have Minelab as first choise unless one is certain that this is not just short time fun, and one wants a detector that lasts for a longer period of time.
One of the most popular models in Minelabs assortment is the X-Terra 705, which is available at a retail price around €500..
Choose Minelab products if you want to start with the best..
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Minelab X-Terra 305

One of the most popular machines on the market today..
The X-Terra 305 is a real good detector for both the beginner or the more experienced user and archerlogist..
X-Terra is a real good beginner model, with pinpoint function and target no.id.

Uses 4 pcs. aa-betteries and weighs only 1,4 kg.

Read more about the Minelab X-Terra 305 -

Watch the Minelabs
video about X-Terra 305
Minelab X-Terra 505

- Multi Tone
- Discriminstion

- Positive reflective LCD display.
- Rapid recovery pinpoint with variable tone and graphical display indicator.
- Very lightweight, only 1,3 kgs.
- Adjustable sound when targets are hit.
* approximate price on Amazon.uk
Go Find detector
Minilab GO-FIND
Nye modeller i foråret 2015 (maj), betyder nye muligheder for de yngste der gerne vil igang med metaldetektorhobbyen uden at skulle gå rundt med en dyr og stor uhåndterlig detektor til voksne..
Den nye GO-FIND serie består af tre forskellige modeller som hver især har deres fordele lige fra den helt simple detektor til strand og skov uden mange indstillings muligheder og så til den lidt udvidede maskine med pinpoint-funktion, holder til smartphone m.v.
Go-Find 20
Look like this model is going to be the very simple and user-friendly model with 2 find modes and a 8” waterproof search coil.
3 sensitivity levels and 5 levels for the volume. Uses four aa-batteries ans weighs only 2.2 lbs.
Easy foldable..

* 8” search coil
* 2 “find modes”
* 3 levels for sensitivity
* 5 levels for volume adjustment
Go-Find 60
The most extended model in the GO-FIND series, with a better and more advanced methods of discriminating garbage and other features..

Ekstra to Go Find 40:
* Go-Find Pro App
* Inc. shovel
* Inc. smartphone mount
* Inc. headphones

See video
Go-Find 40
The slightly more extended version with an additional "discovery/find mode" and a slightly larger search coil of 10”. In addition, an improved LED backlit display and the use of Minelab's Go-Find App…

Ekstra to Go Find 20:
* 10” search coil
* 4 sensitivity levels
* 3 “find-modes”
* Bluetooth
Minelab Metal Detectors video
Down below we have chosen one of Minelabs official commercial videos, where you might get get a good impression of what Minelab stands for and what kind of philosophy lies behind the production of the company..

If that is not enough, you can move on to the official homepage of the Minelab company, or see more at their Youtube channel..

> Read more about
Minelab on their homepage.
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