Pinpointer -
If the detector hobby truly comes to love the hobby of metal detecting, then surely sooner or later,you are going to invest in a pinpointer.
The Pinpointer is, in our opinion, the most indispensable accessory, you should bring to detector tour..
The Pinpointer is a kind of “mini metal detector” as you can "poke" into the hole you've dug and quickly locate the metal object in the ground. The Pinpointer reacts to even the smallest pieces of metal..and yes, right down to tiny little gold flakes if you should end up in those kind of places..
In our view, there are only two brands that you should invest in if you want the best of the best. The two brands are Garrett or Minelab. We got both models and will not make a judgment about what we think is best, as there are specific advantages of each brand, but have a look at the many test videos on YouTube and judge for yourself..

Very soon Garrett Metal Detectors will release a new waterproof model which is going to be named Pro-Pointer AT. (the AT stands for all terain).
We are very exited to be testing that out in the near future..
Garrett Pinpointer
Minelab Pinpointer
* Approximate price on
Minelab Pro-find 25
Minelab Pro-find 25
Garrett Pro-Pointer AT
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