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Whites Metal Detectors
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Whites Coinmaster Pro

Whites Coinmaster metal detectors has almost everything you could be asking for to get a good experience whether you are prospecting your garden lawn, in the forrest, on the fields or beaches..yes it is a real all-around metal detector..

The Coinmaster has a relatively modest weight on only 1,1 kg so it is very easy to operate even several hours in a row. It has a very user friendly interface, because of the screen where you can see all kinds of data..

The American company Fisher produces some of the worlds most popular metal detectors..

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Whites Coinmaster Pro

De vigtigste specifikationer:
Notch filter (ekstra præcis diskrimination kapacitet)
Omstillelig tone (fund) identifikation
Justerbart metalvalg (diskrimination)
Justerbar dybde (følsomhed)
Grafisk fund-indikation på displayet
Vægt: 1,1 kg
Søge frekvens: 8,1 kHz.
Justerbar armlæn og skaftlængde (for børn og unge)
Armbånd på armlænet for komfortabel søgning
"Udskift batteri" indikation
Whites Detector
€ 133*
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